All change

It’s been nearly three months since my New Year goals were set and after a slow start to the year, the pace has begun to be picked up regarding meeting my targets. I have been doing a lot of fitness work, swimming at least twice a week, running and lifting weights all with the purpose of making me stronger and fittter on the bike. However, my bike is currently off the road pending an inquiry into its safety due to to two small cracks on the head tube and downtube, which if to do with the frame, spells the end of the road for the De Rosa and an investment in another. Another change, and arguably the biggest, concerns my job and the fact that I have decided to leave Haut Lac and Switzerland and take on the post of Director of Sport at South Island School in Hong Kong. This is a huge change for us as a family and will take some time to adjust too but, for the most part, we are excited about what awaits us and the experiences we will all have. As far as my other targets go, I intend to sit my french exam in June and hopefully tick some other cities off our hitlist before we leave in July and once this never ending winter leaves and I can get back cycling then I’ll be able to tick some more Cols off the hitlist too.

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