Goals not resolutions 2018

And so a new year rolls around with mission pretty much accomplished for 2017.


And so onto the goals for 2018;

1. Visit 5 new places – Naples, Padua, Stockholm, Bordeaux, South America

2. Get as fit as I can be – through a combination of swimming, cycling, running, playing football and tennis and lifting weights regularly, the aim is to get into the best shape possible. For no other reason than why not?

3. Learn a trade – with new possibilities on the horizon, now’s the time to start learning something that I can put to use in the future whether that be as an electrician, plumber, carpenter….all skills that can keep me busy and in work if necessary

4. Cycle across a country – doesn’t matter which one but one with a bit of a challenge. I might do Switzerland again but this time by the mountainous route, or maybe Italy, from West to East or maybe France…or Austria, or Croatia. Plenty of possibilities, just need to find the time to decide which one and when

5. Invest in something – last year I dabbled a bit in bitcoin, this year i want to find something that can lead me to longer term gains, less volatile and something that I can take pride in finding, investing and reaping the fruits later on

6. Do more at work – last year I was elected onto the SGIS Executive sports committee, to try and bring change and a point of view from a smaller school. This year I want to make a difference at work and try something new and different, given the opportunity of course.

7. Expand the Vélopunks Cycling club. 2017 was about building the foundation, 2018 is about exponential growth….how we achieve that I have no idea but it could be through a membership scheme, more events, more social rides, advertising…watch this space!!

8. Do French and Italian qualifications – I need to decide between the B2 or C1 qualifications in French and I would also like to master a basic A1 italian exam too before the end of the year

9. Use facebook and instagram for information and as a learning resource rather than posting things toi get ‘likes’. That has never overly concerned me to be honest and I have been able to find lots of useful information about travel and sport for my facebook page SportsWorld to pass onto parents with sport kids or the kids themselves

10. Cycle the rest of switzerland – this is such a diverse country to explore and what better way to do it be bike…this year! pexels-photo.jpg


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