« Citius, Altius, Fortius »

As I sit here about to send off my entry for the Transcontinental race I am already thinking how my cycling year is likely to pan out. Coming off a finally successful foot operation has given me new impetus to hit the season running, get super fit and really try and hammer into some rides, races, touring and get out and ride hard, ride far and high. That is ultimately my cycling adventure in a nutshell for 2018 – the Olympic Games motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius or “Faster, Higher, Stronger”

Already in the diary are the Nove Colli in mid May, the Stelvio Santini in early June, the Fausto Coppi in early July and perhaps the TCN7 in late July and the new Valais Granfondo in August. Thats quite a calendar already that doesn’t take into account a training week in Lanzarote in April as well as some bike touring that I am keen to do plus the Vélopunks events that we will be organising throughout the year.

First plans however are to get fit whilst I am not allowed on the bike for another 3 weeks so that has meant some gym work, some pool work, plenty of walking and general bodyweight exercises whenever and wherever possible to build my strength up so that when I start back on the bike it is not too much of a shock.

Second plans are to buy a new bike. The De Rosa has served me well but approaching its 16th season I feel it is time to upgrade and see what difference a new bike can make to my performance and desire to ride faster and climb higher. Although I feel a little sentimental about it I can also see the benefit of owning a new bike and having that extra rigidity and zip available when I want it. The dilemma at the moment is whether I go all in or buy a frame and components separately. Decisions decisions!

Third on the agenda is the Vélopunks AGM, which will be held at the end of this month to discuss our plans for the season and how we can take the club to the next level such as increasing the number of members, having our own kit and hosting more and varied events for all cyclists in the region.

With my ski season not even underway yet I have plenty of activities coming up to get me prepared and ready for what is going to be a busy cycling year. However it is also one that I am definitely looking forward to attacking. Watch this space for race and ride updates….

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