Feeling restless

After five years in Switzerland the urge to move on to pastures new is starting to take hold. The five years have passed by in a blur, with plenty of activity to keep us engaged in spring, summer and through to skiing in winter, but having been at home for six weeks since my operation I have had time to reflect on our situation.  The situation is definitely difficult to weigh up; there is so much right with living here, especially for the girls as they love their school, their friends, the activities and also the lifestyle for all of us but at the same time, there are things that are starting to frustrate me living here which cause some resentment and desire for a change of scenery. I feel that there are plenty more places to see and things to do in the world than see out our time here until the girls leave school yet its not just me who I have to consider. What would I like to do? Travel, see more places, explore, live from day to day I suppose, get out of a routine, ride my bike, generally just do something different to what I’m doing at the moment…

The major limitations are a) the age of the girls, as they are getting towards the important years at school and b) what do we do to earn money. Would the girls adapt to a new environment and settle in quickly? I think so although they wouldn’t like to. Would I be able to pick up work easily? I don’t know. I don’t have any other skills other than teaching but would this be enough to pick up some coaching or tutoring work? If not then its time I learnt to do something else, like a trade or get qualifications in hospitality or business. My aim in the short term is to get my French and Italian qualifications to make this task a little easier. Opening up a BnB somewhere, where we could run cycling holidays, fitness retreats etc would be ideal but the market is saturated with this. Where would we do this, where would the girls go to school?

Maybe the itchy feet will be calmed by a move somewhere else but maybe they need to give them something else to focus on and be re-energised by.

To be continued…

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